• GLAZER 5'6


  • 5'6" x 19 7/8" x 2 1/2"
  • Sanding finish
  • Futures fin boxes

In store pickup: 930 South Coast Hwy 101 Encinitas, CA 92024

Shipping: US, PR, HI, and International shipping fees will be requested when order is ready to be delivered.

noun. fast, fun and full of foam for your fantastic journey in wave sliding.

“I rode my GLAZER this morning and my life is complete.”

The Glazer is a board that has been on my mind for a long time. And anyone who has followed my surfing for a while will recognize that I’ve ridden outlines similar to this before, but beneath the hood the GLAZER is a lot different than any surfboard I’ve ridden previously. First off - the outline: It's short and round for speed in weak waves, because that shortness and roundness lets me fit your (or my) volume into a space that puts more foam directly beneath your chest and feet. For example imagine your 6’2 shortboard at 33 liters or whatever and then imagine your glazer at 5’9 with the same 33 liters. The Glazer is faster, floatier, easier to paddle, and all that, because it just takes your volume and squishes it down into a more effective planing surface for creating speed. But I made sure the Glazer had a round tail for tight turns and, most importantly, just barely enough length in the rail line to draw out a nice turn without having to ‘swing it wide’ or nurse it in turns or worry about spinning out. Because here’s the thing.. I’m in search of a sweet spot that’s nearly impossible to hit and the Glazer is my current best shot at it - something that goes really fast and creates speed easily in weak waves, but can still really crank in a turn without feeling like a groveler. So many boards go really fast or turn really well, but a board that does both is kind of my holy Grail, and I think the Glazer is my best shot at it so far, possibly because of the concave. If you look at the bottom you’ll see I updated my Board - Eat - Board concave to create smoother transitions from the side panels (beneath the rail) and take a form more similar to an aggressive double concave that gets really deep through the fin cluster with a V bottom that extends deeper into the water than the rails do. I think this is why the board feels quick and ‘twitchy’ across the face for creating speed quickly, but still grips really tightly when laying into real turns.

I love it around California and I think you will to.